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Emania – Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 17 (1998)

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Erscheinungsdatum: 1997
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Emania -- Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 17, 1998.

  • Hellmuth, Petra Sabine: A Giant Among Kings and Heroes: Some preliminary thoughts on the character Cú Roí mac Dáire in medieval Irish literature, 5-11.
  • Woodman, P.C.: The Early Iron Age of South Munster—not so different after all, 13-19.
  • Raftery, Barry: Observations on the Iron Age in Munster, 21-24.
  • Warner, Richard B.: Is there an Iron Age in Munster?, 25-29.
  • Aitchinson, Nick: Late Bronze Age ritual at Haughey's Fort: the evidence of the deposited cup-and-ring marked stone, 31-39.
  • McComb, A.M.G.: The carbonized hazel nut shell fragments from Feature No. 283 at Haughey's Fort, Co. Armagh, 41-44.
  • Baillie, M.G.L. & Brown, D.M.: Further evidence confirms the twelfth century BC dendro-date from the inner ditch of Haughey's Fort, 45-46.
  • Mallory, Jim P. & Ó Donnabháin, Barra: The origins of the population of Ireland: a survey of putative immigrations in Irish prehistory and history, 47-81.
  • Avery, Michael: When did Irish reach Ireland: a query, 83.
  • Mallory, Jim P.: Mesolithic modems and fantasy sheep: a reply to Michael Avery, 84-85.


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