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Emania – Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 10 (1992) - Focus on the Ulster Cycle

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Erscheinungsdatum: 1992
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Emania – Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 10, 1992.

Focus on the Ulster Cycle


Olmsted, Garrett: The earliest narrative version of the Táin: seventh-century poetic references to Táin Bó Cúailnge, 5-17.

Hollo, Kaarina: The feast of Bricriu and the exile of the sons of Dóel Dermait, 18-24.

Robertson, David A.: The Navan forty meter structure: some observations regarding the social context of an Iron Age monument, 25-32.

Lynn, C.J.: The Iron Age mound in Navan Fort: a physical realization of Celtic religious beliefs?, 33-57.

Mallory, J.P., Simpson, D.D.A & Hartwell, B.N.: Excavations at Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, 58-65.

Bourke, Cormac: The Ballyrea Brooch, 66-67.

Hartwell, B.N.: Index to Emania 1-10, 68-76.


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