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Emania - Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 18 (2000) - Focus on Navan

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Erscheinungsdatum: 2000
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Emania -- Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 18, 2000.

Focus on Navan



Lynn, C.J.: Navan Fort Site C excavations, June 1999: Interim report, 5-16.

Murphy, Eileen M.: Report on the osteological material from Site C, Navan Fort, Co. Armagh, 17-19.

Mallory, J.P.: Excavations of the Navan Ditch, 21-35.

McCormick, Finbar: The animal bones from the Navan Ditch, 37-38.

Warner, R.B.: Keeping out the Otherworld: the internal ditch at Navan and other Iron Age ‘hengiform’ enclosures, 39-44.

Taylor, John: The ancient Irish in Classical ethnography, 45-48.

Ford, Patrick K.: The Ulaid and the Iliad, some considerations, 49-56.

Allen, N.J.: CúChullain’s women and some Indo-European comparisons, 57-64.

Robinson, M.E.; Coombs, D.; Maude, K. & Shimwell, D. W. (with contributions from P. Bodkin & C. Rye Mattick: Early Christian inhumations on Kiltullagh Hill, Co. Roscommon, 65-73.

Hall, Allan: A puffball from Haughey’s Fort, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, or the Armagh ‘Apple’ unmasked, 75-76.

Corlett, Christiaan: Cup-and-rings, and the mapping of Haughey’s Fort: a suggestion, 77-78.


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