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Emania – Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 4 (1988) - Focus on Haughey's Fort

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Erscheinungsdatum: 1988
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Emania – Bulletin of the Navan Research Group 4, 1988.

Focus on the Haughey's Fort


Mallory, Jim P.: Trial excavations at Haughey's Fort, 5-20.

Hartwell, Barrie: A soil resistivity survey at Haughey's Fort, 21-23.

McCormick, Finbar: Animal bones from Haughey's Fort, 24-27.

Weir, David A. & Conway, Malachy: Haughey's Fort: a preliminary palaeobotanical analysis, 28-31.

Warner, Richard B.: Notes and queries (decorated stone found and destroyed at The King's Stables some time before 1910), 31.

Toner, Gregory: Emain Macha in the literature, 32-35.

Warner, Richard B.: Loch Cirr/Cúl Chíre, 36.

Baillie, M.G.L.: The dating of the timbers from Navan Fort and the Dorsey, Co. Armagh, 37-40.

Lynn, C.J.: A small excavation on the Dane's Cast, Killyfaddy, Co. Armagh, 41.

Lynn, C.J. & McDowell, J.A.: Muirchú's Armagh, 42-46.


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